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Darya Bronston is a trained and intuitive body-worker, massage therapist and Pilates instructor. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Annovium Products and the inventor of the MOTR®, previously known as the CoreFitnessRoller and the CoreBody Reformer. Ms. Bronston is also the vision behind the organization, Meaningful Endeavors and the Vice President of the Board for Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation. She has been married for over 20 years to her partner in life, love and adventures, Matthew Arf.

Darya is a PMA certified Pilates Instructor specializing in supporting whole being health through movement, expression, flow, communication and listening. Her passion is to connect people to their bodies, minds, relationships and careers with constructive skills that support health, vitality, flow, peace and purpose. Utilizing many modalities including but not limited to Pilates, foam rolling, MOTR® and fitness; intuitive body-work, massage therapy and energy flow to help people connect to themselves, their bodies and minds as well as to their community using constructive skills supporting vitality and purpose through daily practice and honoring the process.

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Darya K. Bronston, LMT, PMA-CPT

Darya K. Bronston, CMT, PMA-CPT

I can’t thank Darya enough for her generosity. It is as informative as restorative. She is truly gifted. She uses all of her senses to receive and send.

I think the most profound take away for me is that revealing the narrative of how my body got to this place is not as important as what I can do for myself physically TODAY!

After working with Darya I am able to enjoy my weekend hikes with greater ease than I’ve experienced in a long time. This is a seismic shift that Darya helped facilitate!



Darya offers her services at the following locations in Santa Barbara.

Core Fitness Training

4430 Hollister Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

(805) 967-7770

Aligned Pilates Studio

1516 Chapala Street
Santa Barbara CA 93101

(805) 729-7494